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I am Sonali Kulkarni, M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition), PGDAND (Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics) Senior Nutritionist by profession. I am also a passionate cook, who loves cooking delicious, nutritious and healthy food.

I have over a decade of experience in the field of Food & Nutrition in clinical and non-clinical setups. During this time, while working with several patients, I realised there is a need for healthy nutritional snack options, which not only caters to the nutritional needs, but also can be customized for a specific nutritional requirement.

While interacting with my patients so far, I also learned the reason for poor nutrition which are namely, busy life style, irregular eating habits, allergy to certain food items, and nutrition awareness and lack of nutrition. These also lead to some of the disorders like diabetes, obesity, cardiac disorders and poor lactation.

While working with India’s one of the finest maternity hospital, I realised that maternal nutrition is very important to achieve healthy and happy pregnancy outcome. Additionally, post pregnancy nutrition is equally important for lactating mother’s, specially working mothers who have insufficient milk output due to stress and irregular eating habits. Similarly, while interacting with obesity & diabetic patients, I observed that meal sequence and pattern leads to certain disorders.

In order to address these gaps and introduce a healthy option for my customers, I decided to create
“The Macros Bar”, a customized healthy snack option.

Our focus.

We understand your requirements...
Encourage Health & Nutrition

We make sure that our products are infused with all the important nutrients. It should be healthy, tasty & wholesome snack option for all the age groups (8+ years).

Product Quality

Our objective is to make our customers feel the homely taste when they consume 'The Macros Bar'. It's exclusively handcrafted by our Nutritionist.

Customer Satisfaction

The Customers perception is our reality. What they think about our products , matter. We consider our Customers perception always.


Product Highlights

Healthy & Dense Ingredients

We exclusively use only 100% Natural, Healthy & Nutrient dense ingredients in right amounts. ​

No Added Colours, Sugars & Preservatives​

Our health bars are 100% pure & contain no added preservatives, artificial flavours or colours & free from Whey Protein.​

Only Natural Sweeteners Used​

We use natural sweeteners like Organic Honey, Coconut Sugar, Dates, Raisins, Prunes etc. to sweeten our Products.​

Launching More variants Soon

'The Macros Bar' will be coming up with a wide range of variants soon. Stay Tuned. ​

'The Macros Bar' is manufactured & exclusively handcrafted by our expert Nutritionist, who knows the actual nutritional requirement of an individual.

'The Macros Bar' is nothing but the old grandma's recipe converted into a nutritional health bar which is also tasty & wholesome for all the age groups (8+ years).​
'The Macros Bar' comes with a Personalised Diet Consultation where our Expert Dietician will recommend the best options for you based on your requirements.


A Few Words from our Clients...

“The Macros Bar is a great Health Bar that is thoughtfully curated with the best ingredients that give us complete protein & Nutrition. It is a highly recommended product which is tasty and first of its kind in India.

Mrs. Prathima Shekhar

Marketing Professional


“‘The Macros Bar’ is a small compact bar, a powerhouse of essential micronutrients and trace elements. It is very handy as a pre & post – workout routine and a snack on the go to me personally, sometimes my emergency meal. It caters to most of the nutritional demands and tastes fabulous. Very thoughtfully chosen finest ingredients, mixed with a precise quantity to provide a balanced nutrition without a compromise in the taste. When I got it customised with prunes and garden cess seeds added, I was in love with it”.

Dr. Aprna Shintre

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology

“In today’s busy schedule, it fits in as a perfect quick snack. Its a pretty good alternative to chocolates which is not only delicious but also contains healthy nutrients at the same time whilst satisfying the craving and filling the stomach. I would certainly recommend it has a healthy snack. It is portable and can be easily consumed while on the go either in Bus or Metro. It’s a good product for a Healthy Life.

Mr. Avinash Kulkarni

Sr. Software Engineer



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