Family Meal Time

     Family mealtime


When you think of “family meal” what comes to mind? Maybe your whole family is sitting together around a table along with smell of a cooked meal everywhere.

When a family sits down together, it helps them handle the stresses easily; sharing each other’s concern, updates regarding their day-to-day life, which helps to, makes the stress level very low. Eating together promote more sensible eating habits in all. Various studies show that eating together not only is an important aspect of family life, but also helps make weight control easier.

The purpose of a family meal is to develop good table manners that might be the most important thing for every parents who want to teach their kids. Children need to learn a little bit at a time, Parents should let children choose their own seats. If they fight over a favorite seat, help settle the dispute peacefully. Eating together helps build a close relationship with your children.

Experts says if mealtime is an interesting time of day for your child, he or she is going to learn how to sit and interact with other family members.

It is also important to turn off all the gadgets around like switch off the T.V and do not answer the phone during mealtime. Instead, use this time to talk, connect, and make memories together. It is a lesson your children will use for life.

Eating together contribute for good nutrition also, meals prepared at home are usually more nutritious than meals eaten while dining out. While eating on a table together helps in portion control and size of the meals. Children learn about correct portion sizes, food groups, and nutrition when eating with their family.

Let the children learn by serving themselves at dinner. Teach them to take small amounts at first let them take if they are still hungry. Stability- Eating with your child gives them a sense of security and satisfaction of eating by their own.


Offer your children new foods, but do not force them to eat it. Let them choose how much to eat. Kids are more likely to enjoy a food when eating it is their own choice then feeding by others.

Let us bring these changes in family mealtime and make it happy hours in reality.